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Logo mats are more than branding tools. They serve the purpose of welcoming clients, giving them an indication that they are at the right place and promote your brand. However, the logo mats also have other benefits, of which some are briefly discussed below.

Reduce Maintenance Costs in the Building

Dust and debris in buildings are tracked in through shoes. This increases the dust, mite and allergy factors within the building. The mats serve to collect the dirt and thus keep your business premises or public building cleaner. Indeed, studies have shown that a single welcome logo mat can accumulate over a kilogram of waste in seven days and if it is exceptionally windy or rainy, the amount of waste collected is doubled.  Removing this dirt from the building without the benefit of a welcome or logo mat costs extra money and resources.

If you have carpets throughout the building, these carpets become dust collectors. Research has shown that vacuum cleaning only removes about ten percent of the dirt trapped in carpets. With a logo mat, a lot of the dirt is already collected in the small mat, which is easy to clean and thus reduces housekeeping time and costs.

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Research has also shown that the majority of customers, whether at an office building or a retail store, choose a shop because of its appearance. The mats help to keep the shops clean and improve the professional appearance of the shops.

The entrance logo mat contributes significantly to the customer’s perception of the floor neatness and professionalism. With the largest portion of store maintenance costs attributed to cleaning, it makes sense to rather invest in mats, which will promote the brand and reduce the cleaning costs at the same time.

Improve Durability of Computer Equipment

Many computer failures can be directly attributed to dust and dirt build-up. Adding logo mats at strategic points within a building will help to reduce the risk of computer failure due to dust build-up. This also helps to reduce the energy costs associated with heating and cooling systems.

Reduce Allergy Risks

It is estimated that about one out of five people are allergic to dust. This means that every fifth customer will be affected by dust build-up in your building. It also means that a fifth of employees will be directly affected and this can lead to high levels of absenteeism and low productivity. The logo mats help to reduce dust build-up and thus reduce the risk of allergies within a building.

Reduce the Risk of Injury

Slippery floors because of dust and/or water are hazardous for employees and customers alike. Avoid lawsuits and worker injury compensation issues by taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of slipping. With almost a third of employee injuries associated with slipping, it is important to take every possible precaution to minimise such risks. Logo or door entrance mats help to reduce water and dust traffic, and thus the risk of injury because of slipping.


Companies need to make use of every possible branding opportunity. Logo mats serve the purpose well and show the customers that the company pays attention to detail.

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