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The iLead Branding clover shaped flag is in the form of a teardrop or shark fin, and because of its shape, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage where you want optimal visibility, easy erection of the flag and a large printing area.

Similar to the shapes of the shark fin and teardrop flags, our clover flag comes in the following sizes:

  • 3 metre units
  • 4 metre units

The branded clover flag (teardrop or shark fin design) comes complete with a peg in base unit, the peg set and carry bag.

Here’s why you should consider it as an advertising, branding or promotion tool:

  • Lightweight in design
  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Branded
  • Reusable
  • Easy to erect
  • Maximum visibility
  • Fade resistant
  • Takes up little storage space
  • Easy to transport
  • Versatile applications


The flag is light enough for one person to carry with ease. This makes it the perfect promotion or branding tool for travelling sales teams, craft market vendors, exhibitioners and real estate agents.


The clover flag with its shark fin or teardrop design comes with a carry bag for more convenience and takes up almost no floor space. You can thus erect several of these flags within a small area, without taking up too much of the walking space.


With visual advertising or branding, you will want affordable equipment. Our tear drop shaped flags are stunning in design and though providing a completely professional image, they are affordable enough to ensure that you can buy as many as you need in order to ensure maximum visibility.


The flags are branded according to your requirements. You are therefore in control of the marketing or branding message.


Unlike many other types of promotional tools, the flags can be used repeatedly. Sturdy in design and with the added carry bags, you do not need to be concerned about having to reprint branding messages after every exhibition. It is thus a once-off investment for ongoing marketing opportunities.

Easy to Erect

Only one person is needed to erect the flag. This means less setup time and no frustrations for your team.

Maximum Visibility

The vertical design, unique shape of the flag and large print area, all contribute to maximum visibility of the branding message or logo.

Fade Resistant

With built-in fade resistance, the flag can be used indoors and outdoors. This ensures that your company’s logo will stand out and your message will appear professional. It also means longevity of the product, which results in marketing cost savings.

Takes up Little Storage Space

With its compact design and carry bag, the flag can be transported with ease. Indeed, you will be able to fit several such flags in a small storage space. The carry bag also serves to protect the surface area of the flag and keeps it dust-free.

Versatile Applications

The clover flags, similar to the shark fin or teardrop flag types, are used in many settings including everything, from real estate showing of homes and developments, to conferences, product launches, exhibitions, events, markets, retail stores, workshops and seminars.

Gain maximum branding or marketing visibility. Contact us to discuss your branding requirements and find out why so many companies prefer our clover flags.